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MicroFast® Aerobic Count Plate



Product introduction

MicroFast® Aerobic Count Plate (AC) is a sample-ready-culture medium system which contains improved media, cold-water-soluble gelling agent and indicator that facilitates colony enumeration. 

It is intended for the aerobic count test for food and environment. 


MicroFast® Aerobic Count Plate obtained AOAC Certificate!


Rapid diffusion technology

The sample dilution can quickly spread on the count plate without pressing the plate.

Precise and consistent results

Self- developed microorganisms growing technology makes it easy for the growth of microorganisms with strict growth conditions.

Easy interpretation

The product design is based on the principle of enzyme substrate color reaction. After cultivation, the result can be directly interpreted.

Easy operation, work efficiently

Only 3 steps of operation, most of the microorganism tests can be completed within 24 hours, which shortens the testing time and improves culture efficiency.

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LR1001MicroFast® Aerobic Count  Count Plate25T

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