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Tetracyclines Rapid Test Kit

Analyte:Veterinary Drug


Product introduction

Tetracyclines is a kind of antibiotic (antimycobacterial) drug, the first of a class of drugs called aminoglycosides to be discovered, and it was the first effective treatment for tuberculosis. The detection of veterinary drug residues such as tetracyclines in honey is of great concern for the apiculture because of the potential interfering and adverse effects of antibiotic residues frequently found in honey.

Intended Use

Tetracyclines Rapid Test Kit is a lateral flow assay that determines the presence of Tetracyclines residues in honey. This test is designed for on-site rapid detection in various enterprises, testing institutions and supervision departments.

Ordering Information

Catalog No.LOD


Tetracycline: 8-10ppb

Doxycycline: 5-10ppb

Oxytetracycline: 10-15ppb

Chlortetracycline: 15-20ppb

*Customized products available. Please consult your sales representative for detailed information.

1. Different batches of test strips, microwells and QR codes cannot mixed use. 2. The pipette tip, centrifugal tube and other consumables should not be mixed to avoid cross contamination. 3. The product is a disposable consumable, and do not use it beyond the expiration date. 4. After the reagent is taken out of the reagent can, please cover the lid of the reagent can immediately. If 8 microwells cannot be used at a time, the remaining microwells should be put back to the reagent can with drying agent immediately and sealed for storage. 5. The test results of this product are for reference only. For confirmation, please refer to the relevant national standards and methods.
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