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Furazolidone Metabolite ELISA Test Kit

Analyte:Veterinary Drug

Samples:Honey, raw milk

Product introduction

Nitrofurans, which are effective against a wide range of bacteria, include furazolidone, furaltadone, furantoin, furacilin and related compounds. The food and drug administration has prohibited all uses of nitrofuran drugs in food-producing animals because they pose a public health risk. Evidence indicates that the drugs may induce carcinogenic residues in animal tissues. Therefore, the detection of veterinary drug residues such as nitrofurans in honey is of great concern for the apiculture.

Intended Use

The Furazolidone Metabolite ELISA Test Kit is competitive ELISA for the quantitative analysis of furazolidone metabolite in samples of honey and raw milk.

Ordering Information

Catalog No.SensitivityDetection Samples



Honey, raw milk

*Customized products available. Please consult your sales representative for detailed information.

1. Reagents should be brought to room temperature, 20–25ºC prior to use. Avoid prolonged (> 24 hours) storage at room temperature. 2. Shake the reagent before use. 3. The Stop Solution is 2M sulphuric acid. Avoid contact with skin and mucous membranes. Immediately clean up any spills and wash area with copious amounts of water. If contact should occur, immediately flush with copious amounts of water. 4. Do not use reagents after expiration date. Do not substitute reagents from any other manufacturer into the test kit. Do not combine reagents from other ELISA Kits with different Lot numbers. 5. The kit should be store under the temperature 2-8˚C, do not freeze. Be sure to re-seal unused wells in the zip-lock bag with desiccant stored. Avoid directly exposure the reagents to light. 6. Crystallization of the Concentrated Wash buffer is a normal phenomenon, heat it before using.
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