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Portable Strip Reader


Samples:Milk, grains

Product introduction

      BMZ6000 Strip Reader Technical Data

1. Physical

1.1 Device dimension: 210mm*206mm*148mm

1.2 Weight: 2.0±0.2Kg

1.3 Screen: 7-inch touch screen

2 Electronic:

2.1 In put: 100 - 240V AC, 50-60Hz. All power cords must be approved for the country of use.

2.2 Output: 12V, 3A

2.3 Speed: Reads the cassette in approximately 7seconds

2.4 Cassette Transport: Stepper motor

2.5 USB port: USB flash disk interface

3. Environmental

3.1 Operating Temperature: 15 to 35°C

3.2 Humidity: Between 10% and 85% non-condensing

3.3 Storage Temperature: 10 to 50°C

4. Application

Qualitative or quantitative result reading for the test strips.

5. Performance

5.1 Coefficient of variation: ≤2%

5.2 Data upload: QR code

5.3 Data unload/data transmission: USB port

5.4 Automatic calibration: automatic identification of the position of control and test line

5.5 Built in printer

 Operation Manual 

To assure operator safety and prolong the life of your instrument, carefully follow all instructions outlined below. 1) Make sure the voltage of the power supply matches the voltage range of this device which described in the instruction. 2) Use only the power cord specified for this product and certified for the country of use. 3) This product is grounded through the grounding conductor of the power cord. To avoid electric shock, the grounding conductor must be connected to earth ground. 4) Do not put or operate in wet/damp Conditions. 5) Please use the supplied or the recommended accessories. 6) Do not use the instrument once the it woks abnormal or damaged. 7) Do no operate the instrument near heat source. 8) Refer to the installation instructions for details on installing the product so it has proper ventilation. 9) Please use the instrument on a flat working surface, and do not put anything on the instrument when it is in use. 10) Keep the instrument away from strong electromagnetic field interference source. 11) Avoid direct sunlight. 12) Face to the back of the instrument there are two USB interfaces, the left one is used for connecting the USB device to export data (for user) and the right one is debug interface (for the engineer to debug the instrument).
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