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SSR960 Smart Strip Reader


Samples:food safety industry testing use

SSR960 Smart Strip Reader
Product introduction

Product Overview

The SSR960 Smart Strip Reader is a portable instrument intended for the food safety industry testing  use. The APP of this instrument is developed based on Android system. The APP can rapidly connect to the instrument via Bluetooth to achieve detection operations. Through scanning the QR code of the standard curve, the product information can be automatically built into the APP. After detection, test records can also be automatically stored in the APP. Click the “Test Records” icon to query the testing items. The data can be exported or shared. 

Technical Parameters

  1. Allowable variation of detection line position: ±1mm

   2. Repeatability detection of a single reader: CV < 3%

   3. Difference detection between readers: CV < 5% 

   4. Stability detection of the reader: R < 3%

   5. Accuracy detection of the reader: ±10%

Download SSR960 APP

1. Make sure the voltage of the power supply matches the voltage range of this instrument described in the manual (Please note that the battery or adapter and power cord with original specifications must be used to prevent overpressure from burning the instrument). 2. Power cord: Type-C power connection cable, and DC5V adapter. 3. Do not put or operate in wet/damp conditions. 4. Please operate the instrument only according to the manual 5. Please use the supplied or recommended accessories. 6. Do not use the instrument once it works abnormally or is damaged. 7. Do not operate the instrument near the heat source. 8. Avoid sundries and dust into the transmit channel. Keep the transmit channel away from soft cloth, hair, and fluff. 9. The instrument shall not be squeezed by other objects during the testing. 10. Do not drop or put anything into the opening or joint of the instrument unless specified stated in the manual. 11. Keep the instrument away from a strong electromagnetic field interference source. 12. Avoid direct sunlight. 13. Working environment temperature: +5℃~ +40℃ , relative humidity: 15% ~ 80%. 14. Remove the battery when the instrument is not in use for a long time. 15. Power supply requirement: 3V-CR2 lithium battery, USB power adapter (5V/1A).
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